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Jane’s Walk 2023 – Day 10

Last night, we stayed in Blakely Manor Hotel, kindly paid for by a sponsor, and we were given a dinner by some supporters, which was very kind. Unfortunately, the fire alarm went off three times at 3 am, which made going back to sleep difficult. We have delicious kippers smoked at the shop we passed in Cley on the sea yesterday.

The weather has changed, and we are greeted with grey skies and a strong wind. The seashore is empty, and the mounds of gravel have disappeared. It’s a mystery why this happens so suddenly, from the soft sand at Holkham Beech to the pebbles between Blakeney and Weybourne and back to soft sand.

Ahead of us are high cliffs, and the coastal path leaves the beach and takes us along the top of them. We have left the salt marshes behind and walked along the edge of farmland with pretty wildflowers, even at this late stage of the year. I was particularly attracted to the tall vetches, different shades of mauve and purple, as well as the more common yellow. The rain has now set in for real as we walk into Cromer, past rows of static mobile homes, all beautifully maintained with colourful pot plants on their verandas.

Cromer is an attractive seaside Edwardian resort, despite the rather tacky seaside entertainments, which look pretty miserable in the rain. We had been given some packed lunches by the hotel we stayed in last night, so we decided not to stop, as it was so wet and get to the end of our walk as soon as possible. The coastal path then takes us down to the seashore again on some treacherous steep steps, which I take very slowly, clinging to a welcome side rail.

It would be very easy to slip in this rain. Back to the beach, the sand cliffs tower above us, and we are concerned that we won’t be able to get back up before the tide turns. Luckily, a man coming the other way assures me we have plenty of time.

We arrive at Overstrand soaked to the skin and hope that our hosts tonight will have facilities to dry our clothes!

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